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Hail Sagan

Hail Sagan

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Apr 10


feminists won’t take your opinions seriously because you’re a man? woah dude that sucks. as a woman i can’t even imagine. thank god no one has ever devalued my insight because of my sex and gender

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do men have resting bitch faces as well or do they not have negative characteristics ascribed to them for putting on a neutral rather than a deliriously happy facial expression

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Mar 31

Anonymous asked: please dont use women's public bathrooms, as a woman it makes me very uncomfortable to have someone with a dick using a place where im very vulnerable and if i saw you in a public bathroom id 100% be able to tell that you're not a woman.





Do you have x-ray visions that you look to peep into stalls and check the genitalia of strangers or do you just confront every non-cis looking person, ugly person and/or masculine looking person and accuse them of having a penis and therefore not being women?

Are you fine with trans *men* using the *women’s* restroom because some of them don’t have penis?

What about the trans women who don’t have penis? They can have a go?

Also you’re wrong I am 100% a woman. Policing me for certain traits as not counting as womanly will blow-back on cis women, like that cis lesbian who was not allowed to use the woman’s restroom.

I dunno bout you but the idea that there are cis women out there obsessed with checking other women’s crotches if they don’t fit into heteronormative standards of femininity makes ME very uncomfortable. 

In my 20 + years of life I have yet to see a single news story about a cis woman being attacked by a trans woman in a womens room

You know what I have seen though?

I’ve seen plenty of stories about US getting attacked by bigots when we use a womens room

I’ve seen news stories about us being dragged out and beaten in public by bigots while people stood around and did jack shit to help

So yeah

I really couldn’t give a fuck about what paranoid bigots think or feel about trans women using womens bathrooms

WE’RE the ones in danger when we use them, not cis women

^ realest of the real talk right there

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Mar 30

spunkrock101 asked: sorry if I seem stupid but what did the natural hair post (that the natural hair movement os a way of celebrating not having nappy hair) suggest? I tried to read it over but didn't really get it?


Its not a stupid question at all, I think it’s important to note that the quote stated that’s what the movement has “become” and is not what the entire movement has always been about. From my perspective, I think the movement has been heavily commercialized and is more about glorifying softer textured hair and pushing unnecessary products on women. 

A lot of the popular bloggers/vloggers video content focus on the hundreds of different ways you can manipulate your hair texture and curl pattern, while pushing hair products that claim to make your hair more  ”manageable.” All those kinds of trigger words, “manageable,” “soft” “conditioned”  are all little micro aggressions against “nappy” It’s completely counter productive to what the movement is supposed to be about. 

There’s an obvious preference for women with softer textures, they’ve become the forefront of the movement. Our black hair is very diverse, no two textures are alike and ironically there’s an extreme lack of representation within the natural hair movement and these ladies are all — unintentionally —- selling a misconception that if you follow their regimen or use the products they do then you too can get huge soft 3a hair like them! Which is of course fucking ridiculous. It doesn’t matter how much Shea Moisture products you use or how often you do twists outs, your 4c will always be a 4c. 

and with any movement that gains mainstream attention, almost every major hair brand/company has jumped on the “natural hair” bandwagon and are now developing “organic” products marketed specifically to the black woman. Which sounds like progress right? But — not even getting into whether or not their products are legitimately “natural” or “organic” — most of the marketing material, from commercials to print ads to even the packaging are all the fucking same. It’s the same racially ambiguous, light caramel skin toned, 3a-3c’d textured hair women and again this lack of proper representation is perpetuated.

Which, to me, is so fucking depressing because here we have a movement made for us by us and its initial mission and intent was to celebrate the various ways we are black and nappy, and the women who are still holding these values true are being drowned out and instead we have this overexposed, slightly whitewashed “natural hair movement” thrown back in our face. Like this isn’t progress and it’s important that we recognize that. Even if we are a fan of the movement, even if the movement has done some amazing things for our personal lives, it’s important that we allow ourselves to step back and critically analyze even the things that mean a lot to us, because we got to be able to call a spade a spade in order to make room for real growth as a people

 I also want to note that this is just my critical observation and it doesn’t represent what the entire movement is about, they’re plenty of amazing women pioneering natural hair and are serving as amazing role models to thousands of women all around the world, This is just me looking at the movement critically with the hope for improvement. 

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